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Pipeline is a tool which improves DOD accomplishments with respect to President Obama’s Protecting Our Workers and Ensuring Reemployment (POWER) Initiative, which extended prior workplace safety and health efforts of the Federal Government by setting more aggressive performance targets, encouraging the collection and analysis of data on the causes and consequences of frequent or severe injury and illness, and prioritizing safety and health management programs that have proven effective in the past.

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In most organizations, the belief is that little — if anything — can be done to change the processes in the workers' comp system because of laws, regulations, rules and union contracts. However, workers' comp need not be an adversarial system... More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can returning employees be placed in any light duty position?

What is the chargeback system?

Can Pipeline funds be used to pay relocation expenses for injured employees returning to their former agency?

Can Pipeline funds be used to retrain recovering employees?

Who authorizes funding for Pipeline Program positions?

What happens to funding for employees who stop work before the 365 days period is complete?

When does funding begin for Pipeline funded positions?

What does funding cover?

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