HQ ICPA Case Management Tips

Now What? “Tips, Tools and Tactics for Quality Case Management” Good Case Management Practices

  • Immediate response to employee’s needs
  • Expeditious return to normal duty or Alternative Work Assignment
  • Improve communication between all parties
  • Identify clearly the responsibilities of employees and supervisors
  • Ensure compliance with Agency policy and Department of Labor regulations
  • Reduction of costs
  • Swift action on fraudulent claims
7 Ways to Control Costs $$$$$
  • Utilize the Pipeline Reemployment Program
  • Treat employees with respect
  • Communicate with Claims Examiner at DOL
  • Educate employees & supervisors regarding the FECA/workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Review chargeback reports regularly
  • Obtain light duty job offer buy-in from supervisors, manager, and Commanders
  • Investigate questionable or suspicious claims
Effective Methods to Sell Your Program to Management
  • Proficiency in compiling statistical data
  • Knowledge of other fields like safety, occupational health, benefits,classification, HR, etc.
  • Demonstrate ability to be organized and creative in developing new strategies and making program changes
  • Maintain open-mindedness and flexibility
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze/develop solutions quickly
  • Ensure prompt assistance and payment of benefits to employees who incur work-related injuries/illnesses
  • Manage the program effectively and efficiently

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