Injury Compensation Services

Injury Compensation Liaisons

ICUC provides formal liaison services to help open communications and foster a strong working relationship between DOD and the OWCP office. This team approach can help you meet your case management goals and quickly resolve problems. Examples of Specific Liaison Services TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE - Liaisons provide assistance and guidance in injury compensation matters.

TRAINING - Training is available for ICPAs, along with assistance in training supervisors and designing programs to meet an agency's specific needs.

CASE REVIEWS - Liaisons perform in-depth case reviews at OWCP offices across the country to provide return-to-work documentation and screen for reemployment potential. They assist with ownership issues, verify the accuracy of benefit payments, and overcome case management obstacles.

REEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE - Liaisons will coordinate with OWCP when a job offer is initiated and will follow through with OWCP to ensure appropriate reductions in wage loss compensation payments.

HOME VISIT PROJECTS - Within a specified geographic area, liaisons visit current and former injured employees who receive ongoing wage loss compensation benefits. These visits to the employee’s home are conducted to ensure the injured employees are receiving benefits at the correct level of entitlement and to assess the possibility of reemployment.

BILL RESOLUTION - Liaisons can provide information on the status of medical payments and assist in resolving unpaid bills for work-related medical treatment.

CHARGEBACK CODE CORRECTIONS - Liaisons can assist DOD installations and Components with verifying and helping to correct their chargeback billing reports with OWCP.

PRIMARY EMERGENCY/DISASTER POINT OF CONTACT - In emergency situations such as the September 11, 2001 attack on the Pentagon, or the bombings in Oklahoma City and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ICUC liaisons serve as a primary point of contact with OWCP to ensure benefits are paid as quickly as possible.


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