NAF Compensation

NAF Compensation covers pay policy for White-collar, Crafts and Trades, and Child and Youth paybands.

NAF employees working in white-collar (non-Crafts & Trades) positions are covered by a payband system. Six paybands, NF-1 through NF-6 (GS-1 through SES equivalent), cover the majority of NAF white-collar jobs. A separate payband structure, CY-I and CY-II (GS-2 through GS-5 equivalent) covers child and youth program workers. The minimum and maximum pay rates for CY-I and CY-II are linked to GS-2 through GS-5 pay rates. NF-01 through NF-06 pay ranges are found at the Nonappropriated Fund Wage Areas webpage of the Compensation Division website (search by locality and look for NAF Payband schedules) at: Wage.

DOD Crafts & Trades positions are paid at local prevailing wage rates. Those rates are found at the above DCPAS website (search by locality and look for CT schedules).

NAF employment system information regarding civil service grades equivalent can be found at DODI 1400.25, Vol1405, Appendix 1 to Enclosure 2.

Additional guidance and information specific to NAF Compensation:

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