NAF Disaster Prepardness

Information for NAF Employees, Supervisors & Managers

Component Contact Numbers

The Air Force, Army, Navy, and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service have established telephone numbers that NAF civilian employees and their family members may call for assistance and information.

DoD ComponentContact Number Contact Link
Department of the Air Force, NAF Employees 1-800-435-9941AFPAAS
Department of the Army, NAF Employees 1-877-384-2340
Department of the Navy, Commander, Navy Installations, NAF Employees1-866-827-5672
Department of the Navy, Navy Exchange Service Command, NAF Employees 1-866-878-1776
Army and Air Force Exchange Service, NAF Employees1-800-508-8466
United States Marine

DoD civilian employees and their dependents who are unable to reach their Component may call the DoD Civilian Hotline toll free at 1-888-363-4872 (1-888-DOD4USA ) or email DCPAS at

Evacuation Pay

Eligible evacuated NAF employees are authorized evacuation payments in amounts and limits not to exceed those provided to appropriated fund employees. Such limits and amounts are provided in 5 CFR, Part 550, Subpart D.

Evacuation Transportation and Per Diem/Subsistence Allowances

Administrative Leave

NAF Components may grant administrative leave to employees when an authorized official closes all or part of an installation due to circumstances surrounding an emergency, such as a natural disaster. Administrative dismissals shall be in accordance with DoDI 1400.25, Subchapter 1406, SC1406.2.1.6.

Employees may also be excused from their duties without loss of pay or charge to leave when performing volunteer activities, such as participating in Red Cross relief efforts, emergency law enforcement, or recovery efforts authorized by Federal, State or Local officials having jurisdictions. This does not apply to employees who are members of the National Guard or Reserves who are called up to assist. Military leave is appropriate for those employees.

Upon expiration of approved excused leave, employees may use accrued annual leave or be placed in a Leave Without Pay (LWOP) status. NAF policy relative to LWOP can be found in DoDI 1400.25, Subchapter 1406, SC 1406.2.2.13.

Leave Donation

The Heads of DoD NAF Components may establish leave donation programs to assist eligible NAF employees who are unable to report for work due to emergency conditions or hardship situations. Leave may be donated from/to individual employees, or leave banks may be established. Leave donation between appropriated and nonappropriated fund employees is prohibited. NAF employees who have a need to receive donated leave should contact the servicing NAF Human Resource Office.


NAF employers may permit employees to work off-site, either at telework centers, alternate work areas and facilities, or home. This option provides a means for management to maintain operations and support the mission during emergency situations.


The following information is provided for Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Health Benefit Plan (HBP) participants affected by the Japan disaster:

Nonappropriated Fund employees who are covered by the NAF Health Benefits Program medical plan administered by Aetna Global Benefits (AGB) may call Aetna with questions about medical providers and coverage. Aetna's AGB customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: Toll Free- 1-800-231-7729 or Collect/ Direct- 1-813-775-0190.

FAQ - Voluntary Authorized Departure of EFMs

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