Evacuation Transportation and Per Diem/Subsistence Allowances

DoDI 1400.25, "DoD Civilian Personnel Management System," Volume 1405, Enclosure 2, administratively applies the provisions of Volume 2 of the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) to NAF employees. Heads of DoD Components and the Commander, Army and Air Force Exchange Service, have approval authority for all matters covered by Volume 2 of the JTR. This administrative extension of the JTR and authority to pay expenses includes the evacuation and adverse travel provisions of Chapter 6.

Evacuation transportation and per diem/subsistence allowances described in the JTR are authorized for NAF employees for a period of time covered by the evacuation order, unless terminated earlier. The allowance cannot exceed 180 days. There is no reimbursement for lodging costs if staying with family or friends. Entitlements include, but are not limited to, transportation to the designated safe haven and authorized per diem/subsistence expenses for that location.

Use of Appropriated Funds to Pay for NAF Personnel Expenses.

DoDI 1015.15, October 31, 2007, authorizes the use of APF to pay for NAF personnel expenses incurred in an evacuation (E4.T1.2.6.(Personnel Evacuation Expense)). This includes evacuation payments, evacuation transportation to/from safe-haven locations, and per diem and subsistence allowances for employees ordered to evacuate by the commanding officer or other DoD authority. The policy for NAF personnel is under E4.T1.2.6.2.(NAF Personnel). NAF employees may not receive evacuation benefits beyond the amounts and limitations authorized in the JTR. APFs are authorized for all funding categories. NAFs are authorized only when APFs are not available or sufficient.

Lodging and Expenses for Evacuees Who Return to Work at Permanent Duty Station (PDS) but Home Is Uninhabitable

Consistent with the administrative application of Volume 2 of the JTR , changes to the JTR effected by the Per Diem, Travel, and Transportation Allowance Committee memo of September 27, 2005, apply to NAF employees. The changes permit an evacuated employee who is returned to the PDS to receive a special allowance to cover per diem, including lodging expenses, while working at the PDS, if the employee's residence is uninhabitable. In such cases, the employee's dependents may continue to receive per diem at the safe haven. NAF employee dependents are not entitled to per diem if they return to the PDS.

This authority, to include lodging expenses, is discretionary, and may be applied regardless of whether the employee's lodging is within (or outside of) the boundaries of the duty station. Questions should be directed to the employee's servicing NAF Human Resources Office.

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