DoD Mentoring Links

This section showcases Mentoring Programs in action from the Department of Defense, Federal government, and the private and non-profit sectors. The purpose of this page is to help DoD Components/Agencies to build or improve their mentoring programs.

DoD community

DoD Mentoring
This section shares mentoring programs in action throughout the DoD community.

Federal Government

Federal Government Mentoring
This section portrays mentoring programs around the Federal government.
⚪ Defense Logistics Agency
⚪ Navy
⚪ Air Force
⚪ Army
Marine Corps Human Resources and Organizational Management Mentoring Program

U.S. Coast Guard Mentoring Program

Private/Non-Profit Mentoring Best Practices

Non-Profit Mentoring
This section presents mentoring from private sector and non-profit organizations.

Additional Mentoring Links

HR university mentoring studio: The mentoring studio is an ongoing development opportunity for human resource practitioners, agency mentoring coordinators and agency managers.

OPM - Mentoring in Government Training and Development Policy Wiki : Training and development are one of the most critical areas to the success of an organization and their workforce to facilitate mission accomplishment. For this reason knowledge management is essential in training to maintain the value and usefulness of the training function. In 2011, OPM created the Training and Development Policy Wiki (Wiki) for Federal government training and development practitioners. The shared goal of Wiki users is to learn, share relevant information, and collaborate across the government on all matters related to Federal training and development. The OPM Wiki is open to everyone to view and search for content. However, only Federal Government employees may register and post content tools, resources and best practices directly onto the wiki. All users are encouraged to provide comments relevant to the page topic thus making the wiki a “living” and ever-evolving resource.

Pentagon Library Intranet – Mentoring Site: The resources are divided in the following categories: Mentoring Books, Mentoring Web-books, Mentoring Articles, Mentoring Videos, and Mentoring Blogs.
Note: *You may not be eligible for a Pentagon Library card, find more detailed information about how to access the library here .

Mentoring Training


Mentoring training is a vital component of every successful Mentoring Program. The Mentoring Training section provides training resources for Mentors and Mentees. These training resources are designed to provide information about the benefits of mentoring, mentoring do’s and don’ts, and strategies to define the relationship between Mentors and Mentees.

Several DoD Components/Agencies provide training to their workforce through Skillsoft eLearning courses. Instructions for setting up an eLearning account and accessing the courses should be provided by your local Training/HR Department. Each Skillsoft login page is unique depending on your DOD Component/Agency.

Additional Mentoring Training Resources

The Mentoring Training category currently has limited resources. Mentor/Mentee training is a vital component of any successful Mentoring Program. The objective of this category is to provide resources to train prospective Mentors and Mentees in the basic knowledge and skills to build a successful mentoring relationship. If you are aware of additional Mentoring Training Resources, please contact the DoD Mentoring POC.

Disclaimer of Endorsement

DoD and DCPAS do not endorse or recommend any Skillsoft commercial products, processes, or services. Therefore, mention of Skillsoft commercial products, processes, or services on the DOD Mentoring Resource Portal Web site cannot be construed as an endorsement or recommendation.

Mentoring Training Resources available through Skillsoft.

Mentoring Toolkit

Mentoring Toolkit
This section provides DoD Agencies/Components with complete
ready-to-use resources to reinforce effective mentoring programs.

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