Labor and Employee Relations - Advise and Consult

Labor and Employee relations provide strategic, technical advice and consulting services in our core policy areas to DoD leadership, senior labor and employee professionals, and attorneys. Our goal is to provide timely, authoritative advice to our customers facing unique or difficult challenges with solutions that facilitate successful implementation of human resources policies and programs, and strengthen mission readiness of the Department of Defense.

We also provide advice and guidance to management negotiators regarding negotiability of union proposals, which includes assisting management negotiators in developing positions to represent the Department before third parties in negotiability appeals, arbitration exceptions, unfair labor practice (ULP) complaints, and representation cases.

LER services include providing clarification of laws and government-wide regulations; case law and DoD policy; assistance in labor relations; approval/disapproval of labor agreements; advice and guidance to management negotiators; and advice on preparation of management positions before the Federal Service Impasses Panel, and the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) negotiability appeals and arbitration exceptions. LER also advises management on the following:

  • Agency Head Review (AHR) of collective bargaining agreements
  • Interagency Labor Relations Group (E.O. 13836)
  • National Consultation Rights (NCR)
  • Reorganizations, realignments, and related management actions that restructure DoD organizations that affect the representation of DoD employees by labor organizations.
  • Administrative Grievances
  • Civilian Awards
  • Performance Management
  • Suitability and Fitness for Employment
  • Workplace Violence

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