Synopsis of FY19 NDAA

DCPAS is working several Congressional reporting requirements for new and existing National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) authorities. DCPAS is also working to develop and implement policy for several authorities obtained through the NDAA for Fiscal Year 2019, which include:

  • Employment and Compensation of Civilian Faculty at the Joint Special Operations University (Sec. 555)
  • John S. McCain Strategic Defense Fellows Program (Sec. 932)
  • Direct Hire Authority for the Department of Defense for Certain Competitive Service Positions (Sec. 1101)
  • Modification of Direct Hire Authority for the DoD for Post-Secondary Students and Recent Graduates (Sec. 1102)
  • One-Year Extension and Expansion of Authority to Waive Annual Limitation on Premium Pay and Aggregate Limitation on Pay for Federal Civilian Employees Working Overseas (Sec. 1104)
  • Inapplicability of Certification of Executive Qualifications by Qualification Review Boards of Office of Personnel Management for Initial Appointments to SES Positions in DoD (Sec. 1109)
  • Inclusion of Office of the Secretary of Defense Among Components of the Department of Defense Covered by Direct Hire Authority for Financial Management Experts (Sec. 1113)

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