Cybersecurity and Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Recruiting, hiring and retaining the best Cybersecurity and STEM workforce possible is key to building a strong Department of Defense (DoD) workforce that will ensure technical superiority in a complex world.

Cybersecurity and STEM Hiring Resources

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STEM and Cybersecurity OPM DHA Coverage
Comparison of OPM and DoD DHAs-EHAs
Cyber and STEM Hiring Authority Matrix

The Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS), Strategic Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) team is available to assist. SOAR services include:
  • Developing Comprehensive Strategic Recruitment Plans
  • Advising on hiring authorities, flexibilities, and recruitment and retention incentives
  • Identifying top Cyber/STEM colleges and universities
  • Creating marketing strategies to gain competitive advantage over other employers

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Globally, the scope and pace of malicious cyber activity continues to rise. Growing dependence on the cyberspace domain for nearly every essential civilian and military function makes protecting our cyber infrastructure a top priority. The DoD must recruit and retain a skilled cyber workforce to protect against these threats.

A portion of DoD’s cyber workforce is transitioning to the Cyber Excepted Service, a mission-focused personnel system that supports the human capital lifecycle for civilian employees engaged in or performing work in support of a cyber-related mission. However, some Cyber workforce positions remain in the Competitive Service. The following links provide resources relative to DoD’s Cyber workforce.


The DoD strives to maintain an effective STEM workforce capable of meeting current and future defense technological challenges. More information on STEM programs within the DoD may be found at DoD STEM.

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