Planning and Accountability - Advise and Consulting

We provide advisory/consulting services for DoD human capital planning and policy development; strategic workforce planning, competency management, workforce analytics, and the accountability/evaluation of HR practices within DoD. Planning & Accountability ensures that the right civilian skills, capabilities and competencies are identified across DoD to support recruitment, retention and succession planning. We work collaboratively to ensure proper design and implementation of key activities.

Strategic Workforce Planning

The DoD Strategic Workforce Planning Guide DoD Strategic Workforce Planning Guide serves as a resource for workforce planning teams tasked with the development of civilian strategic workforce plans. In collaboration with our customers at the Enterprise and Component level, Planning and Accountability developed the Guide to be scalable and easy to use. Our Strategic Workforce Planners are available to assist customers in the application of this Guide in developing Strategic Workforce Plans for their organizations.

Data Decks

Planning and Accountability produces Quarterly Data Decks for each Functional Community, Mission Critical Occupation, 4th Estate Agency, and for six "Special Groups" consisting of Cyber, DAWIA, Federal Wage System (FWS), Senior Executive Service (SES), ST_SL (Scientific or Professional, Senior Level), and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). The Data Decks contain snapshot of Demographic information, Gains and Losses Trend data, Recruitment Trend data, and Retirement Phasing data. In addition to the publication of our quarterly Data Decks, we regularly collaborate with our customers to provide custom data products and analyses.

Functional Community (FC) Structure Spreadsheet

Functional Community (FC) Structure Spreadsheet provides information on the salary and wage grade civilian occupational series by FC. The spreadsheet includes skill gap tolerance, authorizations, FC and occupational series end strengths, percentages of population, career levels, workforce initiative indicators, mission critical occupations, and STEM and Cyber information.


predicts or estimates a future event or trend. The forecast tool predicts personnel loss behavior and is useful in assisting human capital planners to identify historical loss patterns; objectively predict natural attrition; estimate effects of policy decisions such as hiring freeze or incentivized attrition; estimate the number of hire actions that will be needed to reach a specific target; identify occupational series with unusually large loss rates that may warrant additional attention; and estimate effects of reduced hiring scenarios.

The Forecast Tool uses up to 10 years of historical data to make predictions on the number of losses expected to occur in the next five years. Forecasts can be viewed at individual occupational series, at the functional community or the aggregate DoD level of detail. In addition, at each of these levels, users can view data broken out at the component level with the 4th Estate broken into DLA, DFAS, DCMA and other 4th Estate. The Forecast Tool is updated annually to coincide with data provided by DMDC from the Master Billet File; DoD’s official source for manpower targets.

Link to Forecast Tool

Human Capital Framework (HCF)

The Human Capital Framework as an open system recognizes agencies must be flexible and adapt continuously based on feedback loops in the ever-changing environment. This framework presents each system from three perspectives, each representing a different level of responsibility within an organization – Strategic View: Senior Leadership (Advisors, Managers), Operational View (HR Practitioners, Program Supervisors), and Employee View (Team Leaders and Line Employees).

Definitions for the Human Capital Framework

Human Capital Framework Diagnostic Tool

OPM Virtual Evaluation Guide
List of Human Capital Management Resources
Reading Material (How Boards are Changing the HR Game)


milSuite – The MilBook site in milSuite houses documents related to strategic human capital and workforce planning. Some of the documents posted include:
  • Strategic & Directive: A repository for Directives, Statutes, and Strategy related documents that guide, direct, influence, and are relevant to Strategic Workforce Planning and its’ related activities.
  • Workforce Planning: Currently populated with the 2017 Mission Critical Occupation and Workforce Priority Occupation list, this folder houses documents specifically related to Strategic Workforce Planning.
  • Data Decks: Find Quarterly Data Decks for Functional Communities, Mission Critical Occupations, Special Groups, and 4th Estate Agencies here.
  • Workforce Planning Tools: This folder contains various documents that may be helpful to customers in their Strategic Workforce Planning activities.
  • Strategic Workforce Plans: Repository of completed Strategic Workforce Plans and links to the legacy Biennial Enterprise Strategic Workforce Plan.
  • Forecast Tool: Contains the current version of our P&A Forecast Tool.
  • Planning & Accountability Staff: Contains a document with a current listing of P&A staff members.
  • Miscellaneous: This folder contains any useful documents or other material that may be useful to customers and users.

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