What We Do

We are the people experts!
The right people in the right jobs are critical to maintaining our national security.
DCPAS drives the future state of effective, efficient management of human resources.


We are the Department of Defense enterprise leader in the development and delivery of civilian personnel policies and HR solutions that strengthen mission readiness.


To be the Federal Government's premier provider of innovative and fiscally responsible civilian personnel policies, Human Resources solutions, advisory and consulting services.


  • Institutionalize an integrated HR lifecycle to manage the 21st Century DoD civilian workforce
  • Strengthen individual and mission readiness and promote well-being
  • Build and cultivate strategic partnerships and conduct outreach to improve customer service
  • Continuously advance our effectiveness, efficiency and adaptability to deliver high-impact results which satisfy our customers' requirements
  • Reinvigorate the professional HR community to optimize the balance between functional and strategic expertise
  • Build upon our efforts to simplify policy, streamline processes, and standardize practices.

Key Functions

DCPAS programs provide the solutions that strengthen the mission readiness and the morale of DoD HR professionals. Our work directly impacts the more than 900,000 civilian employees that make up the DoD civilian workforce. DCPAS is comprised of five lines of business, the Defense Executive Resource Management Office, Enterprise Solutions and Integration and Mission Support.

All areas within our purview provide direction and support to ensure the effective management of the DoD civilian workforce, primarily through four key pillars: policy development, advisory and consulting services, operational execution and training development and support.

DCPAS manages, oversees, and provides infrastructure support on behalf of the Department of Defense in these areas that span the HR life cycle:

  • Executive resource management
  • Workforce forecasting, planning and shaping
  • Recruitment, employment, and retention
  • Overseas and foreign national employment
  • Classification and compensation
  • Benefits, wellness, work-life balance, and telework
  • Performance management, recognition and awards
  • Wage surveys for Federal wage system and other specialty occupations
  • Education, training, and leadership development
  • Labor and employee relations
  • Performance management, recognition and awards
  • Data systems and design, development and sustainment
  • Legislative and regulatory proposals
  • Deployment of civilians

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