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Highly Qualified Experts and Highly Qualified Experts - Senior Mentors

The “Highly Qualified Expert (HQE)” appointing authority is unique to the DOD. HQEs and HQE- Senior Mentors (SM) are individuals who possess uncommon, special knowledge, skills, and experience in an occupational field; and judgment that is accorded authority and status by peers or the public. HQEs and HQE-Senior Mentors may be appointed to bring enlightened thinking and innovation to advance the DOD national security mission, serve as a temporary infusion of talent, and provide non-permanent support for short-term endeavors.

HQE-SMs possess a knowledge and ability to provide experience-based mentoring, teaching, training, advice, and recommendations to senior military officers, staffs, and students as they participate in war games, warfighting courses, operational planning, operational exercises, and decision-making exercises. DCPAS is responsible for providing policy, advice, and consultation on the use of this hiring authority.