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Human Resources Credentialing

Credentials are documented evidence of licensure, education, training, experience, or other qualifications. DCPAS is developing and promoting HR Technical Area credentials to provide practitioners with the knowledge and skills to perform roles or functions in the DOD HR environment. They help meet emerging needs for specific skills and performance in the workplace. Whether managing recruitment, staffing, classification, employee relations, etc., earning pertinent credentials can build competence and confidence.

Why is DOD HR Functional Community offering credentials now? 

Customer feedback – The workforce seeks learning that is closer to the moment of need and offers more than knowledge. HR professionals want skills to enhance their job performance. The HR Technical Areas credentialing program provides responsive and timely learning experiences to self-select and grow and deepen skills.

What is different about an HR Technical Area Credential? 

HR Technical Area credentials will complement, not duplicate, other credentialing programs. HR Technical Area credentials will help to acquire skills specific to the DoD HR workplace. Some HR Technical Area credentials will integrate external commercial content providing a well-balanced set of knowledge and skills to the DoD HR workforce.