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DOD Coaching

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What is DoD Coaching?

Coaching is one of the most valuable developmental resources that the Department of Defense (DoD) offers the workforce and has been linked to positive outcomes such as increased employee engagement, resiliency, and retention. A successful coaching engagement promotes and sustains professional growth and competence.

Coaching is an experiential development process, which facilitates change and growth in both individuals, teams, and organizations, and ultimately, contributes to a positive impact to the overall DoD mission. Through structured dialogue, our DoD coaches assist their clients to see new perspectives and achieve greater clarity about their own thoughts, emotions and actions, and about the people and situations around them. The client gives power to the relationship, drives the coaching agenda, and is ultimately responsible for the outcome of the coaching engagement. Our DoD coaches apply specific techniques and skills, approaches, and methodologies that enable clients to develop their goals and design actions to achieve them.

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

DoD Coaching and DoD Mentoring are two distinct development activities. Our Certified DoD Coaches use a facilitative approach intended to support clients to achieve their goals by questioning to promote awareness and self-directed learning. A coach does not require any knowledge, skills, or experience in the client’s profession; however, a DoD Coach requires a minimum of 60 hours of accredited coach training. In addition, an Army coach needs a minimum of 80 hours of International Coaching Federation accredited training.

On the other hand, our DoD Mentors impart their personal experience, subject matter expertise, learning, and advice to those who have less experience in that field or career path. A mentor usually identifies goals and recommended actions.

For more on the distinction between DoD Coaching and DoD Mentoring, watch this short demo below: DVIDS - Video - Mentoring Vs Coaching Demo (dvidshub.net)

Who benefits from DoD Coaching?

Anyone can benefit from coaching; however, coaching is particularly powerful for those who are going through a transition, either personally or professionally. Some examples include a new position at work, a promotion to a supervisor or manager, a career broadening experience, a leadership development program, an upcoming retirement, deployment overseas, a family move to another location, and any other life transition.

Some examples of coaching topics include:

Goal setting, managing your inner-critic, forming habits and routines, time management, getting team buy-in, becoming more proactive, delegating, self-awareness, accountability, networking, gathering information, boundary setting, communication, feedback, preparing for crucial or difficult conversations, and more.

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