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DOD Subject Matter Experts

To deliver the Defense Civilian Human Resources Management System (DCHRMS) to the DOD Civilian workforce requires subject-matter experts from Components and agencies across the DOD enterprise. DCPAS subject matter experts include:

  • Jeanette Deschamps, Associate Director for Integration, Enterprise Solutions, and Integration (Functional Sponsor)
  • Cindy Beeson, Associate Director for Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, and Integration (Functional Sponsor)

Departmental Subject Matter Experts

Components Working Group Members
Army Cecilia Winkles, Delino Mayes, Eloisa Ogaz, Alisa Klein
Army NAF Lauren M. Sanders, Sevara Reinhold
Air Force Susan L. Edwards, Sheila E. Whitten, Patricia S. Moore
Air Force NAF Ada M. Booker, Patricia A. Galindo
DON Mike Pridemore, Teresa M. Green, Jackie Boyle, Lisa Becker, Amy Knapp
DLA Jackelin Alamo, Michaela Charoo, Scot Robbins
DFAS Curtis M. Savoy, Scott R. Harding, Michelle A. Phillips, Cheryl A. Lamp, Victoria L. Nassif
WHS William A Sykes, Gracie M. Crossin, Sharon Canniff, Tammy L. Drakeford
NG Ricky L. Hern