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Executive Compensation System

The typical compensation package for career Senior Executive Service (SES), as well as Senior Professional (SP), includes salary and awards in addition to a benefits package and eligibility towards other forms of recognition. Biennially certified by the Office of Personnel Management, in coordination with the Office of Management and Budget, DCPAS oversees the certified performance management system that affords SES and SP the ability to earn up to the maximum rate of basic pay, Level II of the Executive Schedule. Additionally, certification affords SES and SP a higher “aggregate limitation on pay” up to the Vice President’s salary. SES and SP compensation are closely aligned to the management of the career lifecycle and, thus, plays an integral role in the recruitment, rewarding, developing, and retention of the executive population. DOD must provide a more intentional compensation construct to recruit, retain, and reward the high-caliber, agile leaders of today and the future.


Annual DOD Performance Management and Compensation Policy Guidance

Applicable Policy and Guidance: Senior Executive Service

Applicable Policy and Guidance: Senior Professional