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Injury Compensation Program Administrator

Workplace injuries can happen anywhere, at any time, placing an immediate administrative burden on supervisors and affecting short-term and possibly long-term productivity. DCPAS’s injury compensation and unemployment compensation programs are the centralized source for civilian injury compensation support within the Department of Defense (DOD).

Injury Compensation Management Advisors are the technical experts in the Department for everything pertaining to workers’ compensation. Management Advisors assist Injury Compensation Program Administrators (ICPAs) with administering their Agency’s Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) program and helping reduce the impact of workplace injuries in the following ways:

  • Provide Technical Assistance

    Injury Compensation Management Advisors provide assistance and guidance on a wide range of injury compensation matters. They provide guidance on FECA Law, Regulations, Department of Labor Procedures, and DOD Policy. They also provide insight into program best practices and offer assistance and advice on program improvement.

  • Training

    Injury Compensation Management Advisors train ICPAs on areas of workers’ compensation and assist with establishing supervisor training programs. In addition, they design classes or seminars to meet an agency's specific needs.

  • Liaison with Department of Labor

    Injury Compensation Management Advisors are collocated with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) offices and maintain a strong working relationship with OWCP personnel. This allows Advisors to assist agencies with reaching resolutions when issues with case management arise.

  • Case Reviews

    Injury Compensation Management Advisors review cases in-depth to screen for reemployment potential, verify correct ownership and billing, verify the accuracy of benefit payments, and resolve case management problems. Advisors may ask OWCP or the DOD civilian personnel office to initiate specific case management actions based on the results of the review.

  • Reemployment Assistance

    Injury Compensation Management Advisors assist with all aspects of reemploying injured workers. This assistance includes working with OWCP to obtain medical evidence releasing the claimant to work, assisting the agency with designing a suitable position and offering it to the claimant in the correct format, following through with OWCP to obtain a suitability determination, and offering continuing support to the agency to ensure the success of the placement.

  • Primary Emergency Points of Contact

    In emergency situations, such as the September 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon, or the bombings in Oklahoma City and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Injury Compensation Management Advisors serve as primary points of contact with OWCP to ensure claims are adjudicated and benefits paid as quickly as possible.