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Strategic Outreach and Recruitment

DCPAS provides an enterprise-wide approach to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants to meet current and future workforce requirements. It empowers DOD Components and support their efforts to recruit and retain effectively a diverse and talented civilian workforce to fulfill DOD’s vital national security mission.

Through the DOD community of practice for recruitment known as the Recruiters Consortium, DCPAS directs and leads a collaborative approach to design, develop, and implement various strategic initiatives for recruitment and outreach programs. DCPAS exploits capabilities to market and brand strategically DOD civilian career opportunities and maximizes resources to recruit and retain talent for the DOD mission. These efforts promote partnerships to pursue, obtain, and align strategically the skill sets of a diverse and talented workforce.

DCPAS coordinates annual reports to the Office of Personnel Management and Congress on the Disabled Veteran Affirmative Action Program and the Federal Equal Opportunity Report Program. DCPAS also provides quarterly reports on Veteran, diversity, and new hire statistics to the Components through the DOD Recruiters Consortium. Furthermore, DCPAS leads or contributes to Congressional Reporting Requirements, Veterans and diversity studies, and responses to inquiries from oversight entities.

Other DCPAS responsibilities include managing DOD recruitment and employment interpretation and research. DCPAS also coordinates, supports, and/or hosts DOD Enterprise Career Fairs, and coordinates special programs at the DOD level such as the Presidential Management Fellows and the Disabled Veterans Affirmative Action Programs.