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The goal of the DCPAS Classification course is to provide HR professionals with the knowledge and tools to classify positions, provide basic position management advice, and make Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemption status determinations. This DCPAS course is best suited for low to mid-level operational-level Human Resources practitioners who provide the full range of classification, position management, and FLSA decisions regarding title 5 civilian position descriptions. The methodology for this four-day course is:

  • Lectures: Transmit general content information; promote understanding via explanations; and respond to student misconceptions or difficulties. Lecture content includes definitions, explanatory content, workshops, and time for the instructor to respond to student questions or difficulties.
  • Discussions: Practice thinking and communicating in the subject/discipline; evaluate specific situations; identify problems, conflicts, and inconsistencies; get feedback from/about students; and draw on students’ expertise and prior knowledge.
  • Exercises: Use “real life scenario” examples as well as an extensive assortment of Office of Personnel Management classification standards and guides for students to classify an assortment of position descriptions, make position management recommendations, and determine if FLSA exemption criteria are met.