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Setting Basic Pay

The DCPAS Setting Basic Pay course is designed to understand the basis for Title 5 pay-setting rules for the General Schedule (GS) and Federal Wage System (FWS); teach how to interpret pay policies and regulations; and show how to set pay for various types of personnel actions. The course is designed for HR practitioners at all grade levels who set pay as part of their job and typically have at least six months of pay-setting experience.

The course is comprised of 10 modules: Introduction, New Appointments, MPR/HPR, Reinstatement/Employment, Grade Retention, Pay Retention, Promotions, Within Grade Increases, Change to Lower Grade, and Reassignments. The course length is two days. The modules include detailed examples of each rule or concept learned and a workshop after each module so participants to practice and apply the concepts.

Offered four times a year at the Mark Center, additions to the course schedule are made based on requests from DOD Components. The maximum number of course attendees is 25.